Water Leak Detection

Have you received a high water bill recently, is there an area that just wont dry up or water continuously pooling from the ground? Chances are you have a water leak from your mains water line.

We have the experience and expertise to locate that concealed water leak whether it be under a concrete slab, driveway or garden bed. With the latest leak detection equipment we can pin point that costly leak without damaging your property. 

If left unattended a water leak can worsen causing more damage to your property and also a higher water bill meaning more money spent.

We recommend checking your water meter to see if it is ticking over or not. For more information on the water meter test click here.

Elite Leak Detection-Leak

Signs Of Water Leaks

  • High water bills
  • Water meter constantly spinning with no water in use
  • Damp spots
  • Change in water pressure
  • The sound of water going through pipes or dripping
  • Mouldy areas 
  • Water seeping through concrete slabs
Elite Leak Detection-Leak

After confirming you have a water leak check for any visual signs of water.

You may have a damp area of grass in the garden what you have not seen yet. This may indicate the leak is in this area.

We come across a lot of jobs where the client has dug up the whole yard to no avail and has regretted not contacting us straight away.

What is your time worth? Is it a good idea to rip the concrete slab up when you have a hunch that the leak is there, only to find out that in fact the leak is under grass.

We can take the guess work out of it for you saving you time and money.

Elite Leak Detection go above and beyond to satisfy our customers and to make what can be a daunting experience as easy as possible.

Clear pricing and the best customer service on the Sunshine Coast, we strive to set ourselves apart from the rest.  If you think you have a contact us today.

How Does Leak Detection Work?

The main principle behind leak detection is that all leaks produce sound. Leak detection involves the use of electronic non-invasive equipment to find and pinpoint the source of the leak. Ground microphones and rods are the acoustic devices that we use in leak detection.

We perform a pressure test to the water line to accurately locate where the concealed leak is. This minimizes the area what will need to be excavated to expose the water leak.

Some leaks produce different sounds. The bigger the leak the louder the sound, the smaller the leak the sound is more quiet. Different frequencies with all of our leak detection equipment allow us to hear those small concealed plumbing leaks.

With our highly skilled leak detection specialists we will be able to locate where the leak is and advise you of the best ways to fix the leak. Our state of the art acoustic electronic leak detection equipment allows us to find leaks fast.